Temporary measures due to Covid-19

We would like to inform our clients that, due to the current situation, CBLingua has had to adopt some temporary safety measures in order to carry on working as usual during the Covid-19 crisis. These temporary measures are explained below so that all of our customers know how to contact us during this period.

What measures have we taken to ensure our clients receive the same quality service?

We have strengthened our online working systems, as our entire CBLingua team (translators, project managers and administrative staff) will be working from home, coordinating with our clients and with the messenger services to ensure that our translation services are not affected.  This way all of our customers will be taken care of.  IMPORTANT NOTE: All our offices, with the exception of our Barcelona (reduced opening hours) and our Madrid offices, will be closed to the public during this period.

Temporary measures due to Covid-19


Our Translation Agency is aware of the large amount of customers and businesses, both in Spain and abroad, that depend on our sworn/certified translation services in order to carry out their administrative and bureaucratic tasks, such as: nationality, marriage, recognition of qualifications, contracts and many more.

Some of the temporary measures taken due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • All translation and interpretation projects will be ordered via the ONLINE form (quotations) or by writing to us directly at info@cblingua.com and delivery of the translations will be done by messenger service or post. Our offices will be closed to the public, but we will still be working from home. Our clients will not notice any major difference, as we will be working at normal capacity and we will still be reachable by phone and email.
  • Our working day is unaffected; however, this may change depending on developments.
  • The delivery dates of our projects may be a bit longer than normal, especially for sworn translations as these need to be hand delivered and require a more complex logistic system.
  • Out of a sense of responsibility with our customers and the economy, CBLingua wishes to give something back during this difficult period by offering a 20% discount on all sworn translations. This way, we can help the economy and our clients.

How can I request your sworn or technical translation services?

Very easily, just send us a scanned copy of the document you wish to translate by email and once we have received it, we will send you a detailed quote in reply.

Do you offer interpretation services?

Yes, we offer a three-way simultaneous interpretation service via SKYPE, as well as a telephone interpretation service. It’s very simple to do, just ask and we will explain all you need to do.

Is the price reduction in sworn translations temporary?

With this initiative, we have wanted to avoid our clients from having to stop or delay bureaucratic paperwork and official obligations. For this reason, we have considerably reduced our prices during this period. This way, our clients can take advantage of this time to get ahead on their paperwork and have it all ready before this period ends.

Will you still offer sworn translations of all languages during this period?

Yes, we will, however, you must take into account that translations for languages such as: Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian, etc.; will take a bit longer than usual. English, French, German and Italian translation delivery times will not vary very much. The customer will receive a scanned copy of the sworn translation via email and the original translation will be sent to the address stated in the translation request.